If you are anything like I was the first time I attended Splendour In The Grass, you are currently at a loss as to how to dress for a festival that is hot during the day, freezing at night and located in acres of mud… whilst I am far from a fashion expert I have used my previous Splendour experience to put together a list of staple items that will ensure you have a comfortable and (hopefully!) stylish weekend.

1. Gumboots or Boots

In previous years at alternative sites gumboots were an absolute must, now with the new (less muddy) Byron Bay Parklands location a sturdy pair of boots should be fine. Bringing along plenty of long warm socks to pair with your boots is also a good idea.

Image courtesy of Brendan Radke.

Image courtesy of Brendan Radke Photography.

2. Jacket/Coat/Cardigan

Layering is the key to dressing for weather that changes constantly. Having a jacket (bonusif it is water resistant), coat or cardigan that you can access easily will ensure you do not have to venture back to your tent constantly (and possibly miss some great acts!). Splendour provides a locker room service where you can store extra layers, but I usually just tie my jacket around my waist during the day when it is quite hot. My suggestion would be to get your jacket/coat/cardigan in a neutral colour like black, grey, cream or khaki, this way one item can go with all your Splendour outfits.

3. Jeans or Tights

I have previously made the mistake of thinking I could brave the cold and not wear long pants but unfortunately it gets REALLY cold. I highly recommend you wear jeans, or some tights if you are wearing a dress or a skirt. For the girls, packing some tights in your day bag and getting changed when the sun sets is a popular option. My personal ‘go-to’ is a pair of high waisted jeans. Pictured below is a Splendour 2012 attendee killing the high-waisted jeans and crop top combo.

Image courtesy of Aimee Catt Photography

Image courtesy of Aimee Catt Photography

4. Accessories

Sunglasses, beanies, necklaces, belts, face-paint, glitter, floppy hats, flower crowns, bracelets… Sunglasses in particular are a great practical item during the day when the sun’s glare is quite strong. In previous years I did not bother with a hat, but have decided to add it to my 2014 list as I will not be under the stage performance tents as often (I am working for Splendour in the Grass Media this year). A hat is also a great way to cover the bad hair that come as a result of having no access to hair straighteners whilst camping!

5. Clothes that can get muddy…

Whilst I cannot say I am fortunate enough to own designer items, I am sure if I did I would not want them to face the wrath of the inevitable Splendour mud and dirt. Splendour (whilst home to some amazing fashion) is not the place for delicate items. If you cannot stand the thought of having the piece of clothing ruined, stained, muddy or torn I would cross it off your list!

Image courtesy of Splendour In The Grass 2012

Image courtesy of Splendour In The Grass 2012

So there you have it, five things to take into consideration when deciding what to wear to Splendour In The Grass (aka the best music festival in Australia). Overall, getting ‘festival fashion’ right is not too hard if you don’t over think it. Often less is more and simple outfits will end up looking effortlessly cool. Also, considering the music is the main attraction, prioritizing your comfort over the weekend makes sense! For a comprehensive list on what to pack for the duration of Splendour In The Grass, click here.

Feel free to comment below any additional suggestions!