After making some regrettable packing oversights during my previous Splendour In The Grass attendances, I have put together a list of my festival necessities so that you do not forget any of the essential items!


  • Your ticket: Camping ticket, Festival Entry ticket and Car Pass (if applicable).
  • Your ID: Australian License or Passport.
  • Cash: This is to avoid paying ATM fees on the site. If you plan to bus it into central Byron over the weekend I suggest getting $2 coins out before you go to save having to wait for change/cash handling time (bus trips are $4 each way).
  • Gumboots or Boots: Depending on the weather gumboots might be an absolute essential for your trip. In 2014 for example, it was sunny all weekend and a sturdy pair of boots were sufficient to get me through the weekend. In 2015 however rain meant that Splendour in the Grass became Splendour in the Mud and anything less than gumboots would not last even a day. If you are unsure about the weather I would definitely bring a pair of gumboots just incase, better to be safe than sorry!
  • Sleeping Bag + Extra blankets: The warmest you can find, it gets cold!
  • Pillow
  • Some sort of mattress: It doesn’t matter if it’s a proper camping mattress or a bunch of sheets chucked together, avoid back and muscle pain that will detract from the music! There is also a substantial chance of waking up sodden if you don’t put a mattress between you and the sleeping bag because the ground gets really wet.
  • Phone: Remember to have the brightness on its lowest setting and on airplane mode when possible to conserve battery life.
  • Water bottles/water: Bring as much water for your campsite as possible.
  • Tent: Waterproof and sturdy.
  • Print outs of the program: avoid missing out on your favorite acts and save phone battery.
  • Rain poncho/raincoat: Clear blue skies are deceiving, it will rain.
  • Hat + Sunnies + Sunscreen: It may be winter but the sun is as harsh as ever, especially around midday.
  • Towels: I just bring one for each night because the likelihood of them drying and not accidentally falling in mud is very slim haha!
  • Toiletry bag (deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush, toothpaste, makeup, hair ties, bobby pins etc).
  • Paper towels/Toilet paper.
  • Torch
  • Ear plugs: If you are a light sleeper getting to bed before 3am can be difficult in the campsites due to noise.
  • Wet wipes: Great for taking makeup off, wiping off the inevitable mud splatters and cleaning up your campsite area.
  • Small mirror (if you want to adjust your hair or makeup before heading to the festival site).
  • Car phone charger.
  • Snacks: I usually bring apples, muesli bars, chocolate, biscuits and lollies.
  • Non-perishable substantial food (aka main meals): This could include bread and spreads (for sandwiches), crackers and tin salmon or tuna , cereal and long life milk (I find the shadiest part of the tent and put the milk in an esky, I also buy one for each day. This means I can bin it the same day it is opened and when traveling with a group it is rarely wasted) and tin soup (bonus if you have a stove top to warm it).
  • Disposable Plastic Cutlery.
  • Practical Clothes: Comfy clothes to go home in and warm comfy clothes to sleep in. Long socks to pair with your gumboots, underwear and outfits for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Click here for what to wear to Splendour In The Grass.
  • Plastic Bags: For muddy clothes, wet clothes, wet towels, trash etc.
  • Your Festival Spirit! Be prepared for an exhilarating, exhausting and rewarding weekend, Splendour is after all (in my opinion!) Australia’s Best Music Festival.


  • Portable radio: Get some Triple J playing in the mornings.
  • Tarp, Marquee + Chairs
  • Portable stove top
  • Identifiable object/flag to mark your campsite: It can be helpful to find your tent at the end of the night!

So there you have it , with this checklist deciding what to pack for Splendour In The Grass will be no hassle at all 🙂 Feel free to comment below if there is anything I have missed and I will add it to the post!