Suitcase And I was created to empower individuals to explore the world and become engaged global citizens.

So what is an engaged global citizen? It is being a conscientious traveler who uses exploration as a means of education and awareness to enrich your world perspective. It is searching for genuine local encounters and adventures that will push you outside your comfort zone. Suitcase And I is about giving individuals the tools and resources to find ways to integrate travel into their everyday life. It is about balancing a love for travel with other passions (such as career, schooling or family). Finally, in an age where travel is more accessible than ever before – Suitcase And I is an exchange of my recommendations, advice, knowledge and a celebration of participation in ethical, ecological and sustainable tourism.

Motorbiking through the temples of Bagan in Myanmar

Thank you for joining me on my journey around the world! My name is Chelsie Kumar and I am a Bachelor of Laws (Honours)/Bachelor of Media and Communications student from Brisbane, Australia. Over the past three years I have travelled to 7 continents and 70+ countries while studying, working and volunteering abroad. Suitcase And I is a collection of my experiences, recommendations, advice and guides based on these travels.

There are thousands of travel blogs on the internet – what makes Suitcase And I different?

Expanding upon the Suitcase And I mission statement above, there are a few things that you can expect from this travel blog.

Travel as empowerment…

What motivates a 19-year-old to buy a one-way ticket and travel solo around the world for three years? I am still working that one out, but I have a feeling the liberating feeling of complete and utter independence had something to do with it 😛 At time I was incredibly unsure, anxious and sometimes downright scared of what lay ahead but going on to conquer that fear was worth every second. It is my hope that Suitcase And I will motivate you to put yourself in situations that will challenge your world views and defy your comfort zones.

Travel as preservation…

Sustainability, ecology and cultural tourism. I am dedicated to supporting and finding ways in which tourism can leverage its influence, economic power and ability to create awareness to make positive contributions to the preservation of our worlds natural beauty and the diverse cultures that inhabit it.

Save The Elephant Foundation, Elephant Nature Reserve in Thailand

Travel as education…

There is something about learning about a topic in the relevant place, surrounded by the relevant culture or first hand from someone with a personal connection to the information that can make the knowledge so impactful. Suitcase And I therefore has a huge focus on sharing and supporting experiences that have an educational component.

Hassan II Mosque, Casablanca

Travel as a part of life…

This is not a ‘quit your job and travel the world’ kind of blog. Suitcase And I has always been about how to practically integrate travel into your unique background, situation and lifestyle.

While I am sure the ethos of Suitcase And I will refine and evolve in the future, I hope that this insight will provide you with some context to the aims and objectives of the articles I share.

Contact me for sponsorship opportunities, advertising inquires and collaboration proposals. For more information about the who? what? when? and where? of my travels make sure to check out the FAQ page. I look forward to hearing from you!

Chelsie’s Story 

After 4 years of working part time during high school and university I bought a one-way ticket to London for a year long study exchange. What initially started as a hobby to share how I budgeted and saved for my study abroad and travel, slowly turned into a resource for backpacking advice and recommendations. In August 2016, out of 26,907 applicants worldwide I was selected by AXA as the next ‘Great Global Adventurer’. In this role as a Brand Ambassador and corporate reporter I was sponsored to travel, work and volunteer around the globe. Suitcase And I aims to give you insight into places you might not have normally thought to visit or experiences you may not have known existed. It is my hope that through my writing my passion for exploring the world (and my journey to balance this with education and career aspirations) will inspire you to integrate conscientious and purposeful travel into your life.

If you have any questions like how I afford to travel? What camera equipment I use? How I travel alone? Where I have traveled to? Make sure to check out the Frequently Asked Questions page 🙂

Lions Rock Hike, Hong Kong